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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Book Review - 3 : An Advanced History of India & History of Ancient India

1) ‘An Advanced History of India’ By Ramesh Chandra Majumdar

Author is known as the Dean of Indian History. Most acclaimed work is ‘History and Culture ofIndian People’, published as a series, having 11 volumes. Majumdar set aside 25 years for this landmark work.

An advancedHistory of India’ is a condensed version of his various history write ups. This book covers almost all about Indian History from Prehistoric period to Bangladesh War. Well researched subject. As there are 1150 pages, direct references are not added, which if included might consume another, minimum, 200 pages. Those who want references can buy ‘History and culture of Indian People series’. This book has an excellent Bibliography.

2) ‘History of Ancient India’ By Ramashankar Tripathi

This book is fully based on Epigraphic and Literary evidence. Puranic evidences are altogether omitted. Other information sources includes Greek historian’s works, Literary works of Chineese travellers., Tibetan and Sri Lankan chronicles, etc.

Covers Indian History from Pre Historic times to 1200 AD. One of the most sold book on India's Ancient History. elaborate account details are available on Alexanders campaign and his retreat.

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